Hello I’m Kimberlie Clare-Campbell

Your Colourful, Creative Digital Business Coach

You’ve got a business idea that just won’t leave you alone. You wake up in the middle of the night inspired by the possibilities; your daydreams are brimming with ideas. It’s time to stop dreaming and make your business dream reality.

I’m a colourful, creative, approachable business coach/mentor with an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ll listen to your dreams and goals then use my knowledge & experience to inspire you as you develop on brand content for your business.

I really get excited about my clients and their business vision. With genuine encouragement, bizspiration and of course an action plan I’ll help your product or service business soar.

Your Colourful, Creative Digital Business Coach

Creative Business Experience

My inner drive is entrepreneurial. I’ve been involved in founding and managing leading edge small businesses for over 30 years. Way before woowoo was on trend I founded Inner Balance, a personal development program incorporating Tai Chi Chuan, Reiki and metaphysical counselling. I retired from my business life on the day my son was born until his first year at school. In 2006 I founded an award winning textile dyeing and craft kit manufacturing business.

As a start-up business in 2006 I realised our craft business needed to grow beyond our local area. Back in the day a basic ecommerce website cost upwards of $10,000. Our meagre start-up budget didn’t stretch that far so I taught myself HTML coding and built our first website. My creativity didn’t stop at coding; I also designed our logo, packaging and promotional materials. This gave me a deep understanding of our brand and our target market.


Business Startup

Personal & Business


To be successful in any business both your business and your personal goals need to be in harmony. I loved our Craft business; it perfectly supported my personal goals.

  • Work and earn income during school hours. 
  • Be home after school
  • Have school holidays off work
  • Be available if my son is sick
  • Earn enough money to pay the school fees.

An additional benefit of being in business was that I grew as a person.

  • Built my self confidence
  • Developed my insights and practical skills in sales & customer service
  • Delighted my creative spirit
  • Helped me save a deposit for our forever home

Business With


Surviving the

Tough Stuff

Of course our business wasn’t instagram perfect, awful stuff happened too.

  • Orders got mixed up or went missing.
  • There were grumpy customers
  • Systems broke down
  • The business partnership ended messily

But there’s always a silver lining

  • We created better business systems
  • Discovered amazing suppliers who have become friends
  • Won a Business Excellence Award
  • I know what it takes to grow a goal fulfilling thriving business
  • I’ve created another amazing business
  • Everyday I use my experiences to grow business people

Personal Growth

Life Long Learning

Both my parents instilled a love of learning in me and I haven’t stopped. I have a fantastic library at home ranging from Fantasy Novels, Personal Development to Business books. In the car I love listening to business podcasts on my way to work and epic audiobooks on the way home. 

  • AIBEF Accredited NEIS Business Facilitator
  • Cert IV New Small Business
  • Cert IV IT
  • Tai Chi Chuan Instructor
  • Reiki Master
  • Bush Flower Essence Certificate
  • Dip Esoteric Psychology
  • Cert Esoteric Healing


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