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Assess Your Business For Growth

Early Autumn is a natural time to get cosy with your business; there is a stillness and a crispness in the mornings and evenings that encourages clear thinking and insights into your past and broader visions for your future.

My favourite childhood tree was our beautiful golden ash which blessed us with shade all through the summer and made the perfect climbing tree; she also supplied big colourful leaves to jump in during Autumn. In the same way trees release their leaves to preserve nutrients for the winter; to grow strong, your business needs to slough off systems or methods that are draining your energy. Whether your leaking energy is related to your businesses structure or services, Autumn is the natural time to release and let go of things you’ve outgrown.

The first step is to grab a pen, note pad or your favourite tech tools, a cuppa and get cosy with your business – your intentions, outline or plan.

To assess your business you need to take a look at each area to see what supports and nourishes you and what areas drain you.

6 Key Business Growth Areas

Take a look at the 6 key areas of your business

  • Strategy – how you run your business
  • Marketing – how you promote your business
  • Financials – how you keep control of your business
  • Human Resources – how you support yourself and your people
  • Technology – how you use technology in your business
  • Operations – how you create and deliver your products/services to your customers/clients

4 Key Business Growth Questions

For each of these 6 key areas ask yourself

  • what was the original essence or intention for this area of my business?
  • what worked and helped me reach my goals?
  • what did I do that drained my resources?
  • can I reuse or repurpose the valuable aspects of these ideas?

Update Your Action Plan

Use these insights to create or update your Yearly and/or Quarterly Action Plan. You may be able to put the ideas, resources or tools to good use in other ways; to compost them or recycle them back into your business.

Review Your Income Streams

Next review your income streams, these are your products and services. They are the leaves, flowers and seeds on your business tree. When your business is continually nourished and nurtured you can create Evergreen products/services that provide continued income streams. Other products/services you create could be like deciduous leaves that had a purpose but their colour and interest to your business has waned as they fall to the ground; if a product or service has fulfilled it’s purpose or has become a drain on your energy/resources it’s time to let it go.

Review your products/services, take a look at each one to see what supports and nourishes you and what drains you.

Your products and services are the leaves, flowers and seeds on your business tree. Kimberlie Clare-Campbell
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Assess Your Past Business Income Streams

Look into the past and ask yourself

  • what was the original intention of my product/service?
  • what worked and added value for my customers/clients?
  • did any aspect of my product/service drain my resources?
  • which ideas showed promise but didn’t reach their potential?

Consider Your Businesses Future Income Streams 

Look into the future and ask yourself

  • how can I reuse or repurpose the important aspects of my ideas?
  • can I add these ideas to different products or services I already offer?
  • can I create something new, beneficial and viable from these ideas?
  • how can I support, improve and grow my ideas into products/services?

With this valuable information you can create or update your offerings to reflect your core intentions and business values.

An easy way to progressively manage your business, improve your productivity and achieve your goals is by tapping into and working with the seasons. Autumn is the season of release and harvest. You can keep your business growing in the direction that gives you the most happiness, fulfilment and prosperity by using Autumn’s energy to prune or change the parts that don’t yield your desired results and to nurture and support those areas of your business that have shown potential.

Your Next Step

I know you’re busy; that carving out time to get cosy with your business can be challenging. I’ve got an easy way for you to get cosy business support. I can help you discover the areas of your business which need to be recycled and which parts support and nourish you. Jump on my website and book a friendly chat about your business and take advantage of Autumn’s insightful energy.


& create a thriving business

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